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In 2014, the Oak Creek Sampling Program this year focused on ephemeral washes to sample E. coli levels of storm water runoff. We had a team of volunteer storm chasers that went out to 14 sampling points to gather data during storm events. Our sampling has demonstrated extreme E. coli exceedances in this runoff water, which eventually flows into Oak Creek. This important work will help identify places where E. coli may be a concern.

REPORT: Oak Creek Watershed Water Quality Monitoring Report, August 2015 – May 2016

REPORT: Oak Creek Watershed Water Quality Monitoring Report, 2014 – BMP Effectiveness Confirmed

In 2015, the Oak Creek Watershed Council has two separate sampling programs in play.

The first sample plan tests the effectiveness of rain water catchment systems for mitigating non-point pollutants on residential properties in West Sedona. These tests can only be conducted during storm events. We will conclude this sample plan in October 2015.

The second sample plan tests base flow in Oak Creek at seven different locations in Oak Creek Canyon and Middle Oak Creek. These tests are taken on a regular basis to determine the effectiveness of the Oak Creek Ambassador Program. We will conclude this sample plan in May 2016.

Stay tuned for results!

The efforts of the Oak Creek Ambassadors have been chronicled in an informational documentary, titled Loved to Death: The Story of Oak Creek. The documentary covers what the ambassadors did over the summer of 2014, directly addressing issues associated with recreation on Oak Creek.

Every gram of dog feces contains an average of 23 million E.coli bacteria, which poses a health threat for recreators swimming in Oak Creek. The PWS program identified locations within the Oak Creek corridor as potential sites for Gladiator pet waste stations.

Resources for information on Stormwater management released by scientists from Syracuse University, the Cary Institute, and the Harvard Forest, in partnership with the Science Policy Exchange.

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