Become an Oak Creek Steward

Because of COVID-19, we are seeing massive increases in visitors fleeing to the creek and Sedona trails, which means increases in littering and habitat degradation, significantly impacting the fragile riparian ecosystem. And it’s an eye-sore!

Our small team is working tirelessly to pick-up after visitors, so that creek sites are pristine upon their arrival, hopefully encouraging them to leave it that way. We need your help. If you are interested in getting involved, please send an email to

During these unprecedented times, we are not able to hold our successful volunteer clean-up events. This means our team’s individual impact is smaller. So, our group of Oak Creek Stewards is helping us combat the trash issue. These stewards follow CDC guidelines while helping us restore littered areas using their own clean-up kits. Stewards also record essential data that we give to land managers. You can help us remove trash safely while making a significant change!

Stewards have access to a volunteer database that records locations with trash, types of litter, # of visitors, and so much more. This effort is vital to inform land managers of problem areas and places that are seeing over-use. Notice many visitors parking illegally or creating social trails? We want to know! This will help us shape future projects that will protect our fragile riparian ecosystem.

Together, we continue to work towards protecting our precious riparian treasure and to be there for one another during this time. We hope you will join our community of stewards!

Contact us at today!