Book: Legacy of the Oak Creek Watershed

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Sneak Preview

Spilling off the ridgeline of the Colorado Plateau, soaring through spectacular red rock country, and meandering among widespread grasslands where Oak Creek meets the Verde, the chapters in this book flow from the macro to microcosmic ecosystems that form the beautiful and unique Oak Creek Watershed.

Through the voice of Oak Creek, this book unveils hidden wonders of the watershed’s history, hydrology, ecology, and geology. Characterized by towering spires, soaring red walls, sweeping valleys, and the majesty of Oak Creek, therein lay the often-overlooked consequences of human behavior within the ridgeline of the Oak Creek Watershed. While beautifully descriptive, the writing also uncovers the challenges of the watershed.

Chapter Titles

Recreation: Cool, Shady Pools and Hot, Colorful Rocks
History: From Hunter-Gatherers to Pioneers and Beyond
Hydrology and Hydrogeology: Planning for Resiliency
Oak Creek Canyon: A Unique Geologic Setting
Ecology: Thousands of Species
Oak Creek Watershed: Challenges and Opportunities