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We need your help to protect and preserve the beautiful Oak Creek. No matter what level of support makes sense for you, everybody wins.

Cottonwood ~ Individual: $40/year

Sycamore ~ Family/Household: $65/year

Alder ~ Student: $15/year

Douglas Fir ~ Non Profit & Organization: $100/year

Gambel Oak ~ Business: $250/year

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Your clientele come to Sedona for the natural beauty. Helping us preserve that beauty is good business.

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If your business enjoys Oak Creek frontage, keeping Oak Creek the beautiful, clear stream that it is, is a no-brainer. Your guests or customers come to you partly because of your location on this federally-designated “unique waterway”.

When they hear that you support the premier environmental organization which protects and preserves the creek, the goodwill and positive image generated is huge. No matter what level of support makes sense for you, everybody wins

Note: Recurring donors receive membership, invitations to members-only events, quarterly newsletters, a special thank you in our 2021 annual report.

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