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Loved to Death: The Story of Oak Creek

The work strives to educate the public about their impact on the environment in a friendly, approachable manner. Working in partnership with the Oak Creek Watershed Council (OCWC), the United States Forest Service (USFS) and the Arizona Conservation Corps (AZCC), the ambassador film passes on a message to help preserve and protect the natural beauty of Oak Creek. The boots on the ground program reached thousands of visitors who recreate in the watershed, and we hope to reach more with this short, educational film. In addition to public outreach, the ambassadors have actively focused on clean up along Oak Creek. In three months during the summer of 2014, the Ambassador teams picked up and disposed of 3,736 pounds of trash… 

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In the Media:

Tons of Trash Weigh Down Oak Creek

October 23, 2014
By EMERY COWAN Sun Staff Reporter
"Locals have long said that Oak Creek is being loved to death. New data from a local nonprofit makes the saying even harder to argue..." Article HERE

Loved to Death: The Story of Oak Creek

Nov. 3, 2014
...The Oak Creek Ambassadors have taken it upon themselves to address this issue through organized clean ups and public education. Their efforts have been chronicled in an informational documentary, titled Loved to Death: The Story of Oak Creek which will premiere Tuesday, November 4 at Wanderlust Brewing Co. Full article HERE

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