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The OCWC Plan for 2013-2014

To follow is the projected work plan for the Oak Creek Watershed Council for 2013–2014.

  • Midgley Bridge Toilet Project - In partnership with the USFS:  Design and construction of a CTX Vault Toilet system. The project components will be managed by the USFS. (May-April)
  • Oak Creek Cleanup - This highly publicized campaign will be community-driven and involve cleaning 40 concentrated recreational areas in the Oak Creek corridor twice monthly during season.  Partnerships will be formed with the City of Sedona, counties,and business owners and collaboration with other environmental groups will be solicited  The goal is to reduce E. coli contamination. (May-April)
  • Oak Creek Ambassadors Program- Two 2-person teams will be hired and trained by OCWC and the USFS to serve as Water Quality Ambassadors. These two teams will spend the entire summer working on Oak Creek recreation sites in Sedona and the counties talking to visitors, picking up trash, human and dog waste, and making presentations to campground visitors. (May-November)
  • Pet Waste Projects - This project will include the installation of 5 Gladiator Pet Waste Stations at designated trailheads in the City of Sedona as well as 15 Stations on private property along the Oak Creek corridor particularly in areas that are maintained by HOA's. Nine stations have already been donated to the City, and our volunteers may possibly be involved in the on-going maintenance.  (May-April)
  • Education program with Grade 6, 7, 8 and 9 science students at West Sedona School and Big Park School will be developed as a follow up to a similar pilot program in the OCWIP grant.  A total of 350 students will be taught good watershed stewardship and will participate in field trips to pick up dog feces and trash in priority locations.  (September – April)
  • Watershed Video- A 10 minute public awareness video will be produced that demonstrates the origins and impacts of E. coli contamination in the Oak Creek Watershed. The overall look of the video will be stunning beauty of the Sedona Red Rock area and Oak Creek Canyon as well as dramatic footage packed with facts.  (May – April)
  • Watershed Guide book will be developed to include (but not limited to) how a watershed functions and demonstrate the origins and impacts of E. coli contamination.  Maps and trails around the City of Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon will be featured as well as points of interest, geological formations, flora, indigineous animal life, etc. (May – April)
  • Water Sampling Program - In collaboration with Friends of the Forest will conduct separate sampling of five high concentrated recreational sites on a weekly basis from Memorial Day through to Labor Day. (May – September)
  • Prepare a grant application in partnership with the City of Sedona regarding stormwater retention  on the Little Elf property.  Estimated project cost $160,000.  (July- Aug)
  • Revise, modify and re-submit previous grant13 application to ADEQ called City of Sedona Stormwater Detention Project regarding stormwater E.coli mitigation on city lands that drain into Carroll Canyon Wash.   Estimated project cost $60,000. (July - May)
  • Re-submit the Community Stormwater Mitigation Pilot Project to ADEQ for funding.  This project will benefit several Sedona/Yavapai county property owners by adding small-scale green infrastructure and other sediment retention to slow, spread and sink stormwater close to where it lands and help prevent E. coli pollution and the sediment that may host it from flowing quickly into Oak Creek.  Cost:  $38,500. (July – August)
  • Prepare and seek funding for the Oak Creek Hydrogeology and Water Resources Study. The Phase 1 data compilation and review study will focus on the Oak Creek Watershed and water resources that contribute flow to Oak Creek.  (June – May)
  • Continue to assist Sedona’s Sustainability Commission/Committee in water issues and community outreach.  (Ongoing)
  • Continue to assist the Sedona Chamber of Commerce in the development of a Green Business Affinity Group and continue to support Sustainable Tourism. (Ongoing)
  • Implementation of Oak Creek Community Outreach Program (OCCOP) involving continuing education of residents and visitors in support of eliminating pollution of Oak Creek corridor, including presentations to watershed residents, general public, community groups, students and government entities. (Ongoing)
  • Schedule and hold bi-monthly meetings of the OCWCmembership in the Vultee Room, City of Sedona Plaza. (Ongoing)
  • Upgrade web/social media sites: Canyon site average weekly hits = 12,000

Work Plan projects of direct financial benefit to the City of Sedona:

  • Pet waste stations - $5000
  • Little Elf property project - $160,000
  • Sedona stormwater detention project - $60,000 Total: $225,000

Work Plan projects of indirect financial benefit (cost savings, tourism and infrastructure support ) to the City of Sedona, Coconino and Yavapai counties

  • Midgley Bridge Toilets - $74,000
  • Oak Creek Cleanup - $9,000
  • Oak Creek Ambassadors - $67,000
  • Watershed Video - $10,000
  • Watershed Guide Book –(included with Video)
  • Oak Creek Hydrogeology & Water Resources Study - $40,000

Work plan projects of benefit to Oak Creek Watershed residents, businesses and property owners:

  • Pet waste stations – HOA’s -$5,000
  • Education program for students -$4,000
  • Watershed guide
  • Assist and support Sustainability Commission/Committee
  • Assist and support Sedona Chamber of Commerce
  • Implementation of Oak Creek Community Outreach Program
  • Hiring of watershed residents to work on grant projects - $12,000
  • Community Stormwater Mitigation projects on several sites including Keep Sedona Beautiful.
  • Canyon (Visitor) web site averages 12,000 requests a week.. increase of 42% over 2012
  • Oak Creek Community Outreach Program sustainable funding projects: Oak Creek Bookmark Series and Dollars for Pounds program
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