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Operational Plan for Development of the OCCOP

March 5, 2012  |  PDF version HERE


The idea for the development of this Program was proposed in early January, 2010, three months after the Oak Creek Watershed Improvement Plan (OCWIP) grant began. Questions that initiated the idea: The WIP would be developed, written, and implementation started, but then what? If the implementation of the Plan’s solutions result in lowering Oak Creek’s impairment so that it no longer exceeds water quality standards, how can it stay at that level without further support from the community?

It was concluded by members of the Oak Creek Watershed Council (OCWC) grant management team there needed to be a social, and sustainable, maintenance program married to the WIP that would require continued cooperation among all watershed residents and visitors. 

The objective would be to raise the awareness level, particularly of those living or recreating in the proximity of Oak Creek, regarding the consequences to littering and pollution, as well as changing the outdoor behavior of all visitors to Oak Creek. 

The successful development and implementation of a comprehensive outreach and education program, in addition to the OCWIP, would help support, if not ensure, the legacy of clean water in Oak Creek for future generations. 

A grant application and presentation was submitted to the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) as well asthe Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) in 2010 but were unsuccessful due to competitive projects.Funding and approval for the development of the Oak Creek Community Outreach Program (OCCOP) was awarded to the Oak Creek Watershed Council by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) on August 26, 2011 as part of an extension for ADEQ contract EV09-0035, Project #11-T03, Oak Creek Targeted Watershed Improvement Plan. 

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