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Oak Creek Cleanup Campaign

“Clean Water Starts with Me”

June 2013  |  PDF version HERE

Oak Creek is the thread that weaves together the fabric of our watershed community, as well as being vital to its economic, recreational and natural future. We fish it; swim in it; drink it; photograph it; gaze at it; encourage others to visit and enjoy it, too. A multi-faceted playground set against a backdrop of pine forests and red rocks that is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. But Oak Creek is being abused and has health issues. Your help is needed.

The Oak Creek Watershed Improvement Plan (OCWIP) (Article OCWIP for Public Review) identifies litter, trash, human feces and pet waste as potential contaminant pathways for E. coli bacteria that are harbored in sediment. Bacteria concentrations in areas of Oak Creek perpetually exceed the Arizona Surface Water Quality Standard and create the potential for being a serious health issue to recreators. Our community cannot allow this to continue. Your help is needed.

In its effort to maintain a standard of excellence for watershed stewardship and preserve the integrity of Oak Creek, the Oak Creek Watershed Council and its task force of volunteers, Friends of Oak Creek, invite you to help by becoming a [Proud Sponsor] of the Oak Creek Cleanup Campaign and supporting our efforts to reduce the health risk to visitors.

DOLLARS FOR POUNDS is a partnership between OCWC and the business community in which our volunteers pledge to help Keep Oak Creek Beautiful by removing litter and trash from areas of Oak Creek where there is concentrated recreation, and [Proud Sponsor] pledge to pay $1 for every pound of trash removed.

Cleanup Campaign highlights:

  • All equipment and supply costs are the responsibility of OCWC.
  • All volunteers are responsible for their health and welfare during Cleanup activities.
  • The program is scheduled to start May 1st through October 31st on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Each bag of trash will be weighed and recorded by each Team Leader and a written tally forwarded to Proud Sponsors. Payment is due upon receipt unless otherwise arranged.
  • Each Proud Sponsor will have a choice of Cleanup days and areas to support.
  • The OCWC will include a Proud Sponsor’s name in its promotion of the campaign.
  • The OCWC will offer free designated advertising space on its website until April 30, 2014 to any Proud Sponsor who supports every cleanup event of their choice for the season.
  • To become a Proud Sponsor please contact Barry Allan, Executive Director: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Support for OUR environment begins with Oak Creek.
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