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From its headwaters at the top of Oak Creek Canyon to the confluence with the Verde River, Oak Creek is the 50 mile thread that weaves together the fabric of our watershed community, as well as being vital to its economic, recreational and natural future. 

Oak Creek Canyon is a steep-walled, breathtaking, forested corridor between Sedona and Flagstaff in Coconino County, Arizona.  It is a primary recreational area enjoyed each year by hundreds of thousands of visitors, therefore {ln:Protocols 'protocols}, or {ln:Outdoor Ethics 'outdoor ethics}, are needed for its preservation.  For more information please visit our Canyon website at

The Oak Creek Watershed Council is committed to preserving the integrity of Oak Creek and recognizes that its stewardship must be a part of the watershed community culture.  To this end, residents and visitors to Oak Creek are urged to follow the protocols that are expected of them in its use.

The state Legislature has designated Oak Creek as an Outstanding Arizona Water (OAW) because of its importance as a domestic water resource in the Verde Valley, among other criteria, so preventing pollution is critical.

Many Regional Links, and Slide Rock State Park are contiguous to the many miles of trout-stocked Oak Creek and its West Fork, which can be easily accessed from scenic Highway 89A in Oak Creek Canyon. For picnic areas visit the Coconino National Forest site.

We invite you to experience the Canyon with a Leave No TraceOutdoor Ethics. As with all things natural, Oak Creek Canyon is also a fragile eco-system, a Watershed needing wise use in order to continue this legacy for generations to come -- YOUR future generations.

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