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There are hundred of thousands of visitors to Oak Creek annually, so in order to preserve the quality of water in Oak Creek, there must be rules for everyone to understand and follow.

Visitors should be aware that litter is to be taken with them, or deposited into a trash receptacle, and the creek is not to be used as a bathroom, nor is the forest.

These are basic standards of behavior that any family would enforce in their own home. Around the Creek though, any potential litter or pollution problem is exacerbated by the sheer numbers of visitors.

We simply can't afford to be lax. Oak Creek is in our trust perpetually, generation after generation. The fragility of its environment is at stake.

Our quest, therefore, is to recruit all visitors as Oak Creek Ambassadors, so they can pass along some common sense information called protocols, to their family, and friends.  If you are planning to enjoy beautiful Oak Creek Canyon, you are invited to visit our Canyon website at

At Indian Gardens, the Oak Creek Watershed Council has built the first roadside public restrooms in Oak Creek Canyon with the help of many private citizens, businesses and government entities. Why?

Because in order to maintain the highest quality of the water in Oak Creek, we must prevent its pollution from every source we can determine. Oak Creek is drinking water to people downstream, and is designated an Outstanding Arizona Water by state statute A.A.C. R18-11-112(G).

So your visit is important. We hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy the beauty of Oak Creek Canyon, and the peaceful meandering of Oak Creek through Sedona, Page Springs and Cornville, down to its confluence with the Verde River.

Take many photographs, but leave only footprints, and help us to preserve the integrity of Oak Creek.

Together, we ARE making a difference.

Board of Directors           Oak Creek Watershed Council

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