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There are hundreds of thousands of visitors to who recreate in and around Oak Creek annually, so in order to preserve the quality of water in Oak Creek, there must be rules (we call them "protocols") for everyone to understand and follow.

As a visitor, you should be aware that litter is to be taken with you, or deposited into a trash receptacle, and the creek is not to be used as a bathroom, nor is the forest.

This is a large part of what the Oak Creek Watershed Council is all about....preserving Oak Creek for our children, and yours... and their children!

Please read the watershed protocols as well as our {ln:Outdoor Ethics 'personal message} to you. If you are visiting Oak Creek with family, or friends, please share our web site with them and become an Oak Creek Ambassador for us.  You are also invited to visit our Oak Creek Canyon website at

That's all we ask... we'll do the rest.

We hope you enjoy your visit.

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