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Location: Originated just south of Junipine area, approximately 5 miles north of Sedona.
Size: Currently 12 acres.
Containment: 25 percent
Date Reported: Monday, June 16 at approximately 3:15 p.m.
Cause: Preliminary reports indicate cause is a downed powerline, but this has not been officially confirmed yet. Under investigation.

Midgley Bridge visitors finally have no reason to step behind the bushes in the very near future. Creek‐side recreators will be able to enjoy the newest toilet the Oak Creek Corridor has seen since the construction of the public toilets at Indian Gardens by OCWC in 2007.

The Oak Creek Watershed Council (OCWC) has been awarded $165,988 in direct funding by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) water quality improvement grant program through the federal Clean Water Act, administered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and is intended to address continued polluted runoff from multiple sources in the Oak Creek corridor.

The Ambassadors have removed 2,000 lbs of trash in the past 7 weeks including 30 lbs of feces and 22 diapers. And that’s not all. Oak Creek Watershed Council volunteers, Friends of Oak Creek, have also made several cleanup trips to other recreational sites and removed another 500 lbs of trash as well as over 20 diapers.


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