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Manure Share Program

The OCWC Manure Share is a free manure exchange program for ARIZONA Residents and Business Owners that brings gardeners and landscapers searching for organic materials for use in composting or field applications in contact with farmers and livestock owners who have excess manure.

This benefits the water quality of the Oak Creek Watershed by removing excess nutrients from farms and ranches and by lowering the amount of commercial fertilizer used by gardeners and landscapers.

How the Program Works - Sign-Up

For ARIZONA Residents and Business Owners who want Manure

especially for gardeners or landscapers

1. Sign up for our Manure Share List below. We require this for the security of the personal information we are providing. Decide how you can haul it safely. Make arrangements to have a pick-up or other vehicle available, if necessary.

2. Use our Manure Share List Search to lookup list members who have manure. Note: You will not be able to log into your account until your email address is verified.

3. Arranging A Pick-Up Time: Contact the member to obtain information on where and when the manure or compost can be picked up.

4. Composting the Manure: Participating livestock owners are encouraged to fully compost their manure. However, some farms may have only fresh manure available. You are encouraged to compost the manure in your own compost pile prior to using it. There are risks to you and your garden if the manure is not composted.

Review our MANURE SHARE RESOURCES to help you understand guidelines for use of manure in home compost systems.

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