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Our membership program allows individuals, families, businesses, and organizations to support the vital work that OCWC does on a continual basis in Oak Creek. We hope you will recognize the importance of this work and help OCWC attain its goal of protecting Oak Creek and keeping the waters clean by joining our membership.

Volunteering can take shape in many forms, so with each of us giving a small amount of our time – we are able to make a huge difference!  

Every member of OCWC appreciates the value of time as it is our most precious commodity to give. We hope you will be active in your participation as a member, and know that your time and effort will help us collectively add another building block to the foundation of service we provide to the Oak Creek Watershed community.

Follow us online at our various social networks, including Facebook, to get updates on events happening throughout the watershed; policy items affecting our rivers; see beautiful pictures of Oak Creek and its tributaries; hear from our members; and more!

We love hearing from you and these networks are a place where you can join the conversation. We welcome you to share your own photos, videos, comments and more. See you there!

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Started in 2013, the Oak Creek Ambassador Program recently completed a second season in the Oak Creek Watershed. The Ambassadors were trained and hired by the AZCC, and USFS and OCWC and coordinated closely with OCWC, Recreation Resource Management (RRM) and others who work and live in the Oak Creek corridor.

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If you’re looking for ways to put your passion to good use, give back to your community, and spend some quality time outdoors, read on. Our volunteers have a whole lot of fun while helping Oak Creek and the surrounding watershed environment thrive.

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