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Creek Resources

The Oak Creek Community Outreach Program (OCCOP) will essentially be a community-driven (maintenance) program to remove trash and litter from Oak Creek, as well as educate watershed residents, and visitors, in the proper stewardship of Oak Creek so as to raise the bar on outdoor ethics practiced (or not).

The successful development and implementation of a comprehensive outreach and education program, in addition to the OCWIP, would help support, if not ensure, the legacy of clean water in Oak Creek for future generations. 

The non-poisonous and very rare Narrow-headed Gartersnake lives in the cool, clear waters of Oak Creek. Adults have a dark brown or grey, stripe-less back and recognizable “narrow” head. Juveniles are tan or red with dark spots. Their rapidly declining populations may be attributed to the introduction of non-native predators, including crayfish, fish, and bullfrogs; habitat alteration; high recreational use; and poor water quality.

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