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Executive Committee

James Meza, Vice Chair
James is an Arizona native and hydrogeologist, has been the Water Resource Specialist for Arizona State Parks (ASP) since May 2016. Prior to working for ASP, James graduated Cum Laude with a B.S. in Geologic Studies from Arizona State University with a focus in hydrogeology. While an undergraduate, James conducted geomorphologic research on soil production in tectonically active granitic ortho-gneiss mountain ranges with similar weathering patterns (Pinaleño Mtns. & San Bernardino Mtns.) James also worked as a Hydrology Division Intern for a year at Arizona Department of Water Resources where he worked closely with department leaders.

As Water Resource Specialist for ASP, James assists in all water related matters from the legal realm of water rights and adjudications to water level data collection and monitoring. Within the first three weeks of his career at ASP, James became project manager on high priority and emergency matters and worked with staff effectively to resolve said issues. He has begun expanding the Water Program at ASP by: monitoring surface and sub-surface water levels/flow (only surface prior), assisting in data collection and decision making with interagency taskforces (drought monitoring, flood warning, etc.), and prioritizing safe water standards. All of these new additions are being done while keeping within the prior Water Program Budget.

Slide Rock State Park and Red Rock State Park are both along Oak Creek and the health and well being of the creek are crucial to ASP operations and visitation in Sedona. As a State Parks employee, an environmentalist, a lover of Arizona, and a dedicated hydrologist; James has prioritized positive impacts to natural waterways and watersheds. As a board member of the OCWC Council James will contribute a non-partial scientific evaluation of challenges, dedication to solve said challenges, a network of interagency resources, willingness to work with a governing board and make important decisions.

OCWC Board

Cindy Dunn, Secretary and Director
Cindy has worked for the Arizona Game and Fish Department for the last 26 years. She started in the Research Branch working on stream surveys and the Glen Canyon Environmental Study. But she found her true calling when she began work at Canyon Creek Hatchery raising trout off the Mogollon Rim. She transferred to Page Springs Hatchery in 1995 and adapted to raising trout in warmer waters. Cindy is currently the Westside Hatchery Manager overseeing Sterling Springs, Page Springs and Bubbling Ponds Hatcheries. She has served on the Oak Creek Watershed Council Board off and on for the past seven years and is currently the secretary.

Kathy Dunham, Treasurer and Director
After completing the Master Watershed Program in 2010, Kathy began volunteering with water sampling.  For the past 4 summers, she has assisted team leaders in obtaining baseline samples at strategic areas throughout Oak Creek.  Kathy has also been part of the “Hot Shot” team which involves water sampling after storm events.  In addition to volunteering time with litter clean up in Oak Creek Canyon and along Oak Creek, Kathy has been involved as Assistant Project Manager with the OCCOP.

Kathy’s early career included 10 years in banking as a loan workout specialist and teaching loan operations and then 12 years as a Certified Legal Assistant in a law office.  For the past 20 years, her career has been in real estate.  She owned an independent brokerage company in Houston for 10 years.  After moving to Sedona in 2009, Kathy opened an independent real estate brokerage company here.  Simultaneously, for six years, she was Vice President and on the board of directors of a closely held corporation that manages over $50,000,000 in assets.  That responsibility ended November 30, 2012.

Kathy has been on the board of OCWC since January 2013 and have been the Treasurer since 2014. Sedona is her home; she is very passionate about water and plans to be of service to the OCWC for many future years!



Lee Luedeker board member 2016 250xLee Luedeker, Director
Lee began a career as Wildlife Manager for Arizona Game and Fish Department in 1973, assigned to the Sedona–Flagstaff area. He graduated from Texas A&M University in 1973 with a BS degree in Wildlife Management. Lee served as co-chair of the Stakeholder's Advisory Group (SAG) at Camp Navajo Arizona National Guard Training Center, tasked with a 10-year contamination remediation process. He also served a term as City of Sedona Parks and Recreation Boardman.

His affinity for the rugged geology of the Oak Creek and Sycamore Creek canyons extended his professional service beyond 40 years. He has shared the diversity of wild habitats with many of its critters, often toward optimal co-existence with an increasing human imprint.

David Peck, Director
David moved from Upstate New York to the Paso Robles area of California at the age of six.  Two of his aunts had purchased a large ranch there, and asked that his father move the family out west so he could manage the ranch.  Growing up on that ranch was what gave David a great appreciation for the outdoors. 

David married in 1986; he and his wife moved from San Luis Obispo, CA to Sedona in 1990 (two months after their first visit here).  They actually bought a house in the Village of Oak Creek on their first day ever in Sedona.

In 1994, David and his wife moved to Forest Houses Resort in Oak Creek Canyon as managers of the resort.  They left the resort in 2000, but have remained in Oak Creek Canyon.  In the 20 years now that they've lived next to Oak Creek, they have gained a great appreciation for the beauty tranquility it has added to their lives.

David has been employed by the City of Sedona since 2001, and is currently an Associate Engineer with the City.  David is also a board member of the OCWC.  David's hobbies include avid table tennis playing, music, reading, and hiking. 
Contact:  email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., phone: (928) 204-7108

Amina Sena board member 2016 250xAmina Sena, Director
Amina is a hydrologist with the US Forest Service, and serves as the Watershed Specialist on the Red Rock Ranger District. She received a BS in Watershed Management and a Master of Life Science degree with a concentration in Natural Resources Management from New Mexico Highlands University.

Amina has experience in an integrated approach to watershed health, including collecting and analyzing water samples; riparian health assessments and restoration techniques; soil-condition assessments; road maintenance and construction; GIS mapping; benthic macroinvertebrates surveys; and finally integrating these biological, chemical, and geomorphologic characteristics into holistic land-management recommendations. As the lead Soils and Watershed Specialist on interdisciplinary teams for range, fisheries, timber, watershed, and recreational management projects, Amina collects data and designs best management practices to reduce potential impacts to watershed health. She serves as a member of the Board on the Oak Creek Watershed Improvement Commission.

Judy Lewis, Director
Judy was raised in the Phoenix, Scottsdale area since was 6 years old. Her neighborhood was surrounded by canals and irrigation ditches. She grew to love and appreciate the diversity of activities that the waterways provided to her neighborhood in the Arcadia area of Phoenix. Judy was a member of the Metropolitan Canal Project in the Junior League of Phoenix in the 1980's which brought her into the community to promote the beautification of the waterways in Phoenix. Through her speakers bureau she was able to help harness many organizations to join in to realize the potential treasure we have in Phoenix. 

Judy has been with the Oak Creek Watershed Council Since 2008 and served on the Board and previous to that with the Oak Creek Canyon Task Force. She is currently the managing co-director of the Adopt a Highway milepost 380 /89A. Judy has a deep seeded love for water and is a resident on Oak Creek, in Oak Creek Canyon.  She has been active in Oak Creek canyon since the 60’s, staying at Forest houses, Todd’s Lodge, and Mayhew Lodge where her love for Oak Creek grew.

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