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Cordel was born and raised in the arid landscapes of the American Southwest. Through his experiences living in the Southwest he has seen the value and importance of creating and maintaining clean, conscious, and informed watershed communities. A graduate of Coconino Community College with an AA in Arts and Science, he is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Sustainability and Education. Cordel is also a recent Americorps Alumni who served five terms with the Arizona Conservation Corps as an environmental technician and steward.

During his first term with the Arizona Conservation Corps in 2014, Cordel first discovered the Oak Creek Watershed Council, and truly got to experience the sense of fulfillment that comes with being an Ambassador and Environmental Steward. He was so inspired by that first term with the Oak Creek Watershed Council and the Arizona Conservation Corps that he and Dalton Zanetti began working together volunteering their time to make the documentary “Loved to Death: The Story of Oak Creek” which was featured in the 2015 Sedona Film Festival, and is still an educational tool in use today.

Cordel recently rejoined the Oak Creek Watershed Council after serving out the remainder of his terms with AZCC. During his last term as a Mentor and Crew Leader for the Arizona Conservation Corps, he was responsible for leading a crew of four National Service Volunteers under the direction of the United States Forest Service in order to help implement, and provide feedback for the Comprehensive River Management Plan for Fossil Creek Wild and Scenic River. He is excited to be back as an ambassador and is looking forward to another great year inspiring environmental stewardship, and sustainable water practices within the Verde Watershed Community and beyond.

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