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Dalton Zanetti, Operations Assistant

Dalton holds a BS in Environmental Science with an emphasis in Chemistry through Northern Arizona University. He has a few different positions within the OCWC including Operations Coordinator, Liaison to the Verde Watershed Ambassadors, Water Sample Supervisor, and City of Sedona Stormwater Outreach Coordinator. Dalton is responsible for scheduling public events including cleanups and education events, overseeing the day to day operations of the Verde Watershed Ambassadors, and overseeing water quality collection and data. Since the summer of 2014, he has created two short films about different OCWC projects: "Loved to Death: The Story of Oak Creek" and "Put A L.I.D. On It." He is also the unofficial photographer for the OCWC and keeps photographic records of all the OCWC events. You can see Dalton as one of the stars in our commercial titled "Let's Keep Mother Nature Sexy." Oak Creek is close to his home in Flagstaff, so he strives to help maintain its pristine ecosystem.

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